Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Old tools for cinema are interesting and give an idea about how the old boys made and presented motion picture. Just good to know how it was done. I also like the physical nature the equipment has, in comparison to digital where we're slightly removed from the image.

Mouse remoscope #1

The inspiration for this remoscope came suddenly when one afternoon while clearing the rubbish bin, in behind were two mice nibbling away at some poison my mother had left for them. The way these mice were powering into this poison struck me as bizarre yet effective, a strange occurrence and they seemed to be acting for me, especially when i put a stage light under the sink.


project update

My first creation towards the remoscope project I call 'removision' which consists of a cardboard frame to get myself in the mindset for making fixed camera, no sound, no effect, 1min motion pictures. This idea was inspired by the way remoscopes were on my mind for a whole two days, i couldnt look at something with out thinking how good or bad a remoscope it would be. yeah.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Monday, March 23, 2009


I visited remoscope.net it was cool, i liked a few they had, but they were quite boring. I don't know if i'm missing the point of remocopes but i feel although I realise they are a small depiction of the world, composition, aesthetics and blah blah but I just dont get captured by pretty much all the remoscopes at http://magro.jp/labs/haiku-1/?action=watch&v=114 I found them all very mundane and uninteresting. I feel that for a remoscope to work it has to be 1. visually stimulating 2. questioning the viewer 3. add curiosity.


I have had removision in my head a lot recently. This is when one looks at the everyday world framing snippets of life which would make a great remoscope.

I constructed an apparatus which I call removision, It involves a cardboard box strapped to my head with a 16:9 window at one end to view in frame, a pure visual experience.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

First blog

Introduction to the project sounds fun.